Matt Watson


My liberal arts education taught me how to succeed in nearly any situation in which I find myself.

Though his accomplishments while working towards his degree in economics at USAO were many, Matthew Watson is busy building a new legacy at the George H.W. Bush School of Government & Public Service at Texas A&M University.

“I'm currently a Master's Degree Candidate at the Bush School and am scheduled to graduate in May 2015,” Matthew said.

Watson is spending summer 2014 working as an intern at the International Republican Institute in Washington D.C.

“The IRI is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that engages in pro-democratization efforts around the globe, as well as increasing women's involvement in democratic governance,” he explained.

Watson, who graduated from Tuttle High School in 2008, began his college career at Oklahoma City Community College before transferring to USAO in 2010 for his bachelor’s degree in economics.

He found the liberal arts culture at the university to be transformative.

“USAO absolutely changed the way I thought about the world,” Matthew said. “My professors pushed me to think critically, write and speak well, and to challenge myself to lead a life of purpose.”

“There's no question that I'm at my current position because of the years I spent there.” Watson encouraged prospective students to consider USAO as their college home because of what the university is uniquely positioned to give them.

“It will equip them with a set of skills that most of their peers will lack from other schools - the ability to think broadly and deeply about a variety of subjects, the ability to work in teams with people from all walks of life, the ability to present themselves professionally and much more,” Matthew said.

“These skills won't just make you more employable, a better thinker and arguably a better person; they will empower you to make any dream you have for yourself a reality.”