Versia Burdex-Williams


USAO was a building block to my current success with my career and culture...

Originally of Chickasha, Versia Burdex-Williams now spends her time in Forth Worth, Texas, as an elementary classroom teacher at an independent school district. However before becoming a teacher, Versia worked as a project manager for American Airlines for 17 years. She credits USAO in helping her obtain the position and advancing through her career.

“USAO prepared me for the long career I had with American Airlines,” Versia said. “I experienced many cultures at AA, as well as at USAO, and now I am using that experience to help me differentiate lessons for my students.”

Versia says attending USAO was an easy decision, and one that benefited her in many ways.

“Chickasha is my home and the university wasn’t too overwhelming. Plus, since it is open to global recruiting, I was able to interact with all cultures.

“Furthermore, the academic standards and expectations are set fairly high, which helped me stay focused and determined to finish.”

Just this year Versia was awarded 2014 Teacher of the Year in her school district. She was extremely honored for this great accomplishment and says she owes quite a bit to USAO for her broad education.

“I've learned independence, scheduling and so much about business and culture. I would definitely refer USAO to future students who would like a well-rounded academic experience.”