Drover Proud

Tracy Goyne

Many of the outstanding USAO professors I had the opportunity to study under were instrumental in my development as an educator.

Shane Hagan/ Business Administration 2013

USAO provides an excellent education through passionate teaching and developing critical thinking that transcends a single subject … I believe my success at work can be attributed largely to the...

Vincent Hazleton

It is little wonder that 'Butch' went on to a magnificent career as a professor and writer. We are honored to claim Dr. Hazleton as one of ours.”  Dr. Dex Marble, VP Academic Affairs

Heather Heck / Art

I’m a creative person and the arts have always been appealing to me and when it came to choosing a college, I knew liberal arts was the way I wanted to go. 

Amber Heilman

I felt like I was ready when I left college; I could handle myself out in the world. Because of USAO, I had done what I wanted to do.

Stephanie Huber/ Business

After evaluating my options, my wise parents highly recommended I choose USAO. They saw that USAO created a safe environment for its students. I never regretted my decision.

Kyle Hunt / Sociology

It's a big adjustment moving here from Queens, New York, but I've met some great people and faculty members. What brought me here was a scholarship, but I've found a small campus and friendly...

Allison Hurst, psychology alumna, smiles in the shade of a tree.

Allison Hurst

My college experience with USAO gave me a greater sense of purpose, which allowed me to be a more productive and confident person in my career and personal life.

Chris Jeffries / Math and Business

USAO is a college where no individual is limited to what he or she can do. If a person in a science major they can still sing in the choir and a business major can still star in a drama production.

Galela Kirkland

I transferred to USAO because of its great biology program and its home-like campus that is filled with friendly, helpful and unique faculty and students.   

Anthony Klipp / Natural Science

College is the time of your life where you discover who you are; USAO has been essential in helping me make that discovery.

Dave Kunitz / Physical Education and Natural Science

Both USAO and Chickasha were instrumental in my decision to continue my studies after my athletic eligibility expired. Chickasha will always hold a special place in my life, and I'm grateful to have...

Marcy LaFerr / American Indian Studies

USAO isn't a cookie cutter college. You learn to think differently and approach obstacles positively.

Angus Lamar

USAO was close to home and I felt more comfortable there than I did anywhere else.

Lonnie Iannazzo/ Communication / Alumni / Post Production Coordinator

USAO offered me something that some of the major universities in Oklahoma couldn’t offer, which was small class size, easy access to professors and a small but friendly campus community. I would...

Dr. Jennifer Long

Our core curriculum remains as innovative today as when it was created half a century ago. The team teaching model compels students to integrate knowledge from across academic fields while wrestling...

Andrew Long

I chose USAO for its outstanding reputation, the scholarship opportunities and cultural diversity … The classes can be challenging and not everyone appreciates the value of IDS while taking classes...

Albert Loveless/ Art / Alumni / Graphic Designer

I would not trade my experience at USAO for anything. If you are a potential student and trying to decide on whether or not to becoming a USAO Drover, my advice is to just jump in and give it a go.

Aaron Manuel / Physics and Mathematics

Anyone serious about their education can come here and succeed. The faculty are approachable and interested in the students. I feel welcome and know that I’m in the right place.

Elaynie Melton

USAO offers free tutoring, direct contact with the professors, friendly staff and the campus is environmentally friendly, too.