Drover Proud

Ana Moreno / Business

Living on campus is amazing because you get more involved and build more relationships.

Courtney Morton

The faculty of the Art Department at USAO was huge in the development of the person/artist I am today. They were incredible mentors and I still value the relationships that were created during my...

Dexter Nelson II / History

USAO helped prepare me for my job as a museum service associate by teaching me how to work with others.

Mary C. Newcome-Hatch

Everyone has been nice, and that says a lot about USAO! As an older student, a commuting student, and as a woman, I have been very comfortable walking around campus. I have felt no qualms for safety.

Bled Nguessan

At USAO, I was not a number. I was a student with a face and a name. USAO was home to me. And for an international student like me, that was a major win.

Brittany Novotny

If you're serious about learning, then USAO is the place to be.

Kindra Palacol/ Teacher Certification - Math

USAO has played a role in my life by helping me to be prepared for my career. I thank all of the professors that taught me so much and helped with my experience to become a better teacher, especially...

Lotsee Patterson/ OCW / 1959

If anyone embodies all the ideals and scope of achievement that entitles one to be enshrined in the USAO Alumni Hall of Fame, it is Dr. Patterson." - JJ Francais, (2010 graduate)

Taylor (Peterson) Lewis

My liberal arts education gave me an advantage in my graduate program.

Jessica Petitt

My liberal arts education has allowed me to effectively communicate with my patients and my fellow coworkers, as well as provide me with the skillset to think critically and to modify methods of care...

Daniel Pool / Psychology

USAO’s small town charm and challenging classes make it a great place to attend." "Home. USAO is where I have grown and changed the most, but still in a familiar setting.

Phil Pryor

USAO is a small yet great unit, everyone is nice and you get to meet so many different amazing people. This, with the good teaching and small classes, really completes USAO.

Paige Pulliam / Biology

On my visit to check out the basketball team I heard nothing but great comments about USAO's biology department success rates. Because I wanted to be a physical therapist, USAO became my #1 option...

Shelley Rees / USAO English Professor

Professors at USAO celebrate the limitless potential of the liberal arts mission. The intimacy of the small class sizes and the freedom to employ diverse teaching styles and strategies allow...

Jonathan Roberts/ Chemistry | 2008

At USAO, I learned from teachers. At large schools, classes are taught to hundreds of students in a lecture hall by researchers, not educators. I received a better education for less money than I...

Madison Russell

USAO is unlike any other school in the state! 

Kasey Sams/ Theater Arts / Alumni

The education I received in the Drama (Theatre Arts) program at USAO armed me with an expansive variety of knowledge, and I was well prepared for advanced study. 

Dr. J.C. Sanders/ Assistant Professor of Physics / Division Chair of Science and Physical Education

As a faculty member, the small class sizes allow me to engage and challenge students on an individual level. I am able to help my students outside of class on a daily basis as they work through...

Rachel Sears / Pre-Medicine

USAO professors not only teach, they uplift and motivate their students to reach their potential.

Dr. Zach Simpson

Interdisciplinary study allows us to discuss and engage a topic from a number of different angles. In doing so, we hope to more realistically represent the complex and changing world in which we live.