Drover Proud

Andrea Brock

Chickasha is a wonderful community to be a part of. I loved every minute of my time in college at USAO and always look forward to going back for a visit.

Versia Burdex-Williams

USAO was a building block to my current success with my career and culture...

Brandon Case in office

Brandon Case

USAO is a great place to get a degree with its small class sizes and ample opportunities for one-on-one visits with professors. My liberal arts education gave me the essential tools to be a critical...

Denise Castillo/ Anadarko, OK / 2011

I believe the American Indian Studies program is an interdisciplinary array of studies within itself. The range of topics from political, cultural and literature, as well as many off campus...

Wendy Chambers/ Graduate Assistant at the University of Nevada/Las Vegas

USAO validated and made real my choice of following an artistic path. I would not be the person or the artist that I am today without the knowledge, discipline and support of the outstanding faculty...

Melanie Clason

My professors at USAO always went the extra mile to be certain that I was ready to graduate and to be able to apply myself in my dream profession.

Chris Collins

With a firm background in a variety of fields, and an ability to link conclusions from diverse disciplines, I believe that like other USAO graduates, I'm well prepared to move forward in my career.

Lindi Collins/ Art (BFA)

My time at USAO helped to cultivate my artistic self in a way that I could professionally apply to a business. Those are your formative adolescent adult years; you’re forming your self confidence as...

Jed Copley

Like any school, your grades at USAO are determined by your own effort and desire to learn, but the smaller student body and genuinely enthusiastic professors allow for a rewarding true learning...

Chanel Dae Lantz / Art

Now that I'm finally here, I'm realizing more and more that USAO is like a big family. USAO has so much to offer from its art department. So, it was like a dream come true for me and probably every...

Kathryn Daniels / Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education

Everyone from my professors to the ladies in the cafeteria always make me happy, I chose to come to the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.

Jordan Danser

Having attended as a high school student, it gave me a great opportunity to get the feel of what USAO was like. 

Meghan Duggins / Deaf Education

The Deaf Education program has really elevated my thinking in regards to teaching. I feel like I will leave with a lot of tools for my 'mental toolbox.' I really enjoy my studies and I know I made...

Laura Edwards

Laura Edwards

The number one thing that prepared me is the interdisciplinary focus. I teach kindergarten and especially at the early childhood level showing students how everything is connected is really, really...

Evans, Troutt Hall

J.C. (Benda) Evans

If it wasn’t for the education I received at USAO, I wouldn’t be where I am today. The education I received prepared me not just for medical school, but also for life outside of school.

Dr. Vicki Ferguson/ Director of Teacher Education / Division Chair of Education and Speech-Language Pathology

USAO offers the opportunity to be part of a caring, interactive community where a college student can receive personal attention.  The transition from high school to the responsibilities of...

Pam Foster

My time at USAO introduced me to cultures, backgrounds and personalities that I had not been exposed to before. It has challenged my comfort level in a positive way.

Jonathon Fowler

USAO gave me a diverse education in not only the arts, but in other subjects such as world history and computer science.

Angela Gimlin

The curriculum was unconventional, which led me to look and think outside the box. That view has helped me throughout my career path.

Tracy Goyne

Many of the outstanding USAO professors I had the opportunity to study under were instrumental in my development as an educator.