USAO Drovers Basketball team with their championship banner

2023    |    Runtime: 58 Minutes    |    Documentary

A vision decades in the making was combined with unprecidented talent. This created an undefeated season, a first-ever national tournament appearance, and a dream-crushing four-point deficit. What came next showed the true power of brotherhood in the quest for redemption.
World Premiere
November 3, 5:30 p.m.
Davis Amphitheater, USAO Campus

Narrated by: Anthony Powell

Legendary Coach Brisco McPherson had the most talented team he had ever seen at USAO. However, the Drovers just couldn’t finish the mission in 2001. The undefeated season and the program’s first appearance in the national tournament were tainted by a 4-point deficit in the title game. Unfinished Business recounts the brotherhood and the bonds of basketball as the seasons during the early 2000’s were setting up one of the greatest redemption arcs in college basketball history.

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Meet the Coaches

In the 90's and early 2000's, the USAO men's basketball program was unknowingly in the middle of the story of a lifetime. The players were building an empire. Upon the foundation of an undefeated season, the team battled to the biggest basketball game of a collegiate career. Their dreams and everything they had spent their life preparing for hung in suspension as the minutes ticked down second-by-second to the final buzzer of the 2001 NAIA national tournament championship game. Meet the coaches behind the greatest redemption arc in NAIA history.



"...interesting quote from the documentary..."

cheering on during a game

The team’s success filled the bleachers every home game.

students and players celebrate after win

The fans rush the court for a 3-point victory.

Drovers go undefeated in SAC

Drovers earn first-ever SAC regular-season championship.

articles and images from papers about the top ranking

Drovers earn first-ever NAIA Top-25 ranking.

news coverage about conference championship

Team earns SAC Championship with 20th win of the season, against OBU.

newspaper article about the tournament

Drovers advance to title game during program’s first national tournament appearance.

after the game

Drovers lose the title game by 4 points.

the team together, dealing with the loss

The team mourns the loss and grieves for the senior players.

player and coach after loss

Coach McPherson comforts senior player Adrian Anderson.

Team after 2001 game loss

The team poses as the 2000-01 NAIA National Runners-up.

players get off the bus after the losing game

Players show off the bracket to a welcoming crowd on campus.

excitement after a perfect shot

Hayden Herrin celebrates after hitting the game-tying buzzer beater to keep the team alive in the 2002 NAIA national tournament.

elation on the sidelines

Team celebrates after their Final Four victory earns them a spot in another title game.

students cheer on the team

USAO crowd goes wild for the Drovers in the national tournament.

lifting the hardware

Team and coaches hoist the NAIA Championship trophy.

most valuable player and trophy

Mike Williams was named tournament MVP.

goal achieved by the entire team

Team completes their redemption arc as the 2002 Division I Men’s Champions.

Experience True Brotherhood and Redemption


World Premiere
November 3, 5:30 p.m.
Davis Amphitheater, USAO Campus

Reception before the premiere at 5 p.m.


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