We Moved

We are now located in Trout Hall, 318A.

Taking the ACT? We can help!

At USAO we offer two Act's; the Residual and the National. The National is what you take if you are applying to many different colleges and the Residual is what you take if you are heavily considering going to USAO. The difference is the Residual is only good at USAO and the National works at any institution that uses that test.

If you have any questions feel free to contact our office at 1(405) 574-1281.

Proctor Forms

In order to serve the faculty and student body better, we now have proctor forms. If you need the Assessment Office to proctor an exam for you, simply complete a form and delivery it to us. It can be emailed, picked up, or dropped off at the office.

There are two forms. One is for a single student (whether for one test or several). The other is for a group of students.

We will keep a copy for our records. We will either scan and return the form to you when complete or have it available on request if needed.

Single Student Form

Class Form

Hours of Operation

For the Summer of 2014 the Assessment Center will be open 8:00 A.M.. - 5:00 P.M.. Monday through Friday. To minimize any delays, please call at 1(405) 574-1281 ahead of time to schedule an appointment. 

What We Do

The USAO Office of Assessment has two (2) major functions. The first is to assist in the collection of information on various aspects of the USAO experience. This information can include student perceptions on Academics and Life at USAO, as well as information vital to understanding and communicating student achievement. In the future, the major surveys conducted by this office will be listed on this page and results of those assessments will be made available.

The second function of the Office of Assessment focuses on selection and administration of tests USAO uses to place students in the most appropriate courses and quantifying academic achievement. We currently support the following tests:

·         ACT Residual

·         CLEP

·         Computer Science Proficiency

·         DSST

·         Proctoring for exams where ADA accommodations are requested

·         General course examination proctoring and scoring

·         Course Math, Science and Writing placement tests

·         Senior Exit Exams

Where We Are

We are currently located on the third floor of Troutt Hall, Room 318A. 

Contact Us!

Email: assessment@usao.edu

Phone: 1(405) 574-1281


Looking for Institutional Research?

Go to the IR Office's webpage for results of surveys and archival data about USAO assessments.


Please note that many tests require positive identification of the test taker, so make sure to have one photo ID (such as a USAO student ID or valid driver's license) prior to taking all exams. The CLEP exam requires two. Please contact the Assessment Office if you have questions.