Upcoming Student Life

7:00pm Sep 22, 2014
Station 82

In this introductory workshop, we will discover whether our actions match our words as leaders. Contact Roland Nunez for more information.

11:00am Sep 23, 2014
Regents Room

Learn the tricks to being a successful college student, from time management, note-taking, speed reading, and successful study habits.

Don't miss the Student Success Workshop at 11 a.m. in the Regents Room on the second floor of the Student Center. For more information, see Roland Nuñez.

12:00pm Oct 13, 2014
Regents Room

Leadership is a dialogue, not a monologue. Here we learn how to enlist others in a common vision and set our sights to aim high. Contact Roland Nunez for more information.

12:00pm Oct 21, 2014
Regents Room

Learn how to write a compelling and well-structured resume to make you more competitive in the job market. Contact Roland Nunez for more information.

4:00pm Nov 11, 2014
Station 82

Learn the do’s and don’ts about dressing for an Interview in this fun-filled fashion show.