Upcoming Student Life

9:00am Nov 08, 2014
Station 82

We are excited to host our 4th Annual Family Day on November 8, 2014! Registration deadline is October 24.

4:00pm Nov 11, 2014
Station 82

Learn the do’s and don’ts about dressing for an Interview in this fun-filled fashion show. 

7:00pm Nov 17, 2014
Station 82

Being a leader can sometimes mean taking necessary risks and disturbing the status quo. Are you up for the challenge? Contact Roland Nunez for more information.

7:00pm Jan 12, 2015
Station 82

A leader is only as good has her or his followers. In this workshop, we discuss what it means to foster collaboration and build trust among a team. Contact Roland Nunez for more information.

3:30pm Jan 20, 2015

Think you are ready for interviewing for your first full time job? Get plenty of practice and feedback by attending our Speed Interviewing program where you will be given mock interviews by faculty and staff. Contact Roland Nunez for more information.