Music scholarships will be made by appointment only. If you would like to schedule an audition contact Dr. Ken Bohannon at or 405-574-1293.   The audition includes the following components:

1. Completion of an information form, available the day of the audition

2. A brief interview with the music faculty

3. Performance audition


Components of the performance audition are as follows:


-Vocalists should prepare two pieces in contrasting styles (art song, aria, musical theatre, lieder, etc.). One of the vocal selections should be in a foreign language.  An accompanist will be provided for you.  Please bring one copy of your music to the audition.  Audio recordings/tracks (canned music) will not be allowed at the audition. 

-Sight-singing and rhythmic reading




-Instrumentalists should prepare two selections in contrasting styles or from different periods

-Sight-reading and rhythmic reading

-Scales or exercises of your choice  

Specific information regarding academic and Talent scholarships is available on the USAO Financial Aid web site. Talent scholarships in music are available to prospective students that meet admissions and scholarship criteria and are open to all students, regardless of whether or not they plan to major in music. The one-year Talent scholarship requires that students enroll in a major music ensemble or music coursework for one year. Returning students who are music majors may audition the following year for music major scholarships.