HLC Accreditation

What is accreditation?

"Accreditation is the recognition that an institution maintains standards requisite for its graduates to gain admission to other reputable institutions of higher learning or to achieve credentials for professional practice. The goal of accreditation is to ensure that education provided by institutions of higher education meets acceptable levels of quality." (U.S. Department of Education)

Institutional Accreditation

The evaluation of an entire institution, indicating that each of an institution’s parts is contributing to the achievement of the institution’s objectives, although not necessarily all at the same level of quality.  The Higher Learning Commission is the accrediting body recognized by the U. S. Dept. of Education to oversee the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma's institutional accreditation. 

Why is accreditation important?

  • Accreditation serves as the primary authority for public support.
  • A university cannot receive federal financial aid without accreditation.
  • Other universities cannot accept the transfer credits of a university that is not regionally accredited.