Professional Portfolio Requirement

To be recommended for an Oklahoma teaching license, candidates are required to complete a professional portfolio. The general process of developing the portfolio is outlined as follows: 

  1. Portfolio requirements are introduced in the Orientation to Teaching class (EDUC 2002). Upon enrolling in the Orientation to Teaching class, candidates purchase the Portfolio Handbook (available at the USAO Bookstore) and begin collecting the documents/artifacts required in each competency area. Candidates should also begin writing their critique/reflection essays. A summary of these requirements is also located in the most recent Teacher Education Handbook (available at the USAO Bookstore). Transfer candidates NOT enrolling in the Orientation to Teaching class should contact the instructor for Orientation to Teaching and make arrangements to sit in on the class(es) that address portfolio requirements. Candidates also have the option of viewing this information on videotape in the Teacher Education Office.
  2. Portfolio Progress Evaluation
    Progress on the portfolio is evaluated at the following checkpoints:
    • As part of the admission process to the Teacher Education Program, candidates are required to bring their Portfolio Notebooks and the File Box to the Teacher Education Screening Committee complete with a minimum of two artifacts with Critique/Reflection essays.
    • In EDUC 3211 - Level 2 Clinical Experience or DFEP Level 2 Clinical Experience, candidates are required to submit evidence and Critique/Reflection essays addressing four different competencies.
    • In EDUC 4442 - Classroom Management and Evaluation Theory, candidates are required to submit eight items of evidence and Critique/Reflection essays as specified by the instructor. Instructor and peer evaluations will be completed at this checkpoint.
    • Faculty in other classes, advisors, and supervisors may require candidates to submit specific items of evidence and Critique/Reflection essays.
  3. Progress on the portfolio will be documented on the Portfolio Progress Evaluation sheet (see Portfolio Handbook). It is the responsibility of the candidate to identify the competency being addressed, label the artifact/activity, and submit the portfolio progress evaluation sheet to the checkpoint instructor.
  4. The candidates' professional portfolios will be completed and submitted for preliminary review either through the Senior Seminar class (IDS 4522) or by their faculty advisor. Preliminary Assessment Report: All teacher certification candidates, including transfer students, have the option of either enrolling in the section of Senior Seminar that is designed to assist candidates in compiling a preliminary version of their portfolio OR by submitting their portfolios to their advisors for preliminary assessment. Preliminary assessment should be completed before beginning the final trimester at USAO. The "Preliminary Assessment Report" will be used to rate the portfolio items.
  5. Final Assessment Report: Approximately two months before their program completion, candidates will submit their completed portfolio for final assessment to the Director of Teacher Education (see submission dates below). A faculty committee will evaluate the portfolio and complete the "Final Assessment Report". The Final Assessment Report will be submitted to the Director of Teacher Education for review and use in recommendation of the candidates for Oklahoma Certification.
  6. Upon final acceptance of the candidate's portfolio, the Final Assessment Report forms will be given to the candidate.
  7. If the portfolio is rejected, the Director of Teacher Education will contact the candidate to discuss options.
  8. The candidate may elect to resubmit a revised portfolio for the regular process to resume.
  9. The candidate will not be recommended for certification until he/she has received a satisfactory rating on the Portfolio Final Assessment Report ("3" or higher on each competency and "3" or higher on the overall evaluation).

Portfolio Submission Dates

Trimester of Graduation            *Submission Deadline
Spring Wednesday following Spring Break
Summer Monday following July 4
Fall Wednesday following November 1