USAO Presents Fourth Annual Drover Awards to Highlight Student Achievement

A graphic for the 2022 Drover Awards with the date and time of the ceremony (Nov. 6 at 3 p.m. in the USAO Ballroom)
Awards recognize outstanding work on campus, in community and elsewhere

The University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma handed out its fourth annual Drover Awards, which celebrate students who have done outstanding work on campus, in the community, or shown exceptional skills in creative problem-solving and critical thinking.

“It is of critical importance that we make every effort to recognize the tremendous work that our students do every day,” said President John Feaver. “The young people who have earned these awards have given an incalculable amount of energy in the service of this institution’s educational and civic ideals, far beyond that which is normally expected of college students. They serve as a shining example to their peers and to anyone else seeking to understand that value of what we do at USAO.”

Graduating Honors

Destinee Asbill, Cum Laude

Madison Austin, Cum Laude

Daniel Buster, Cum Laude

Aubrey Ruttman, Cum Laude

Reggie Thompson, Cum Laude

Abigail Davis, Magna Cum Laude

MacKenzie Freeman, Magna Cum Laude

Lacey Dutton, Summa Cum Laude

Jonathan Fenhaus, Summa Cum Laude

Bethany Goulet, Summa Cum Laude

Madelyn Primeaux, Summa Cum Laude

Cassidy Sturgeon, Summa Cum Laude

Graduating President’s Leadership Council

Madison Austin

Abigail Davis

MacKenzie Freeman

Cassidy Sturgeon

The Green and Gold Award recognizes those who show their USAO pride by excelling in academic pursuits, encouraging school spirit, and volunteering both on- and off-campus at games and other special events.


Green and Gold Award

Madison Austin

Harry Cracknell

Kalep Glandon

Keane Harrison

Michael Hixson

Chandler Leamon-Webb

Emily Loughridge

Kaylee Ragon

Kati Robbins

Kalique St. Jean

The Good Neighbor Award recognizes students who develop relationships with their neighbors and strive to embody a commitment to giving back to society. They also live purposely by educating themselves and other students through exemplary leadership, organization and hospitality.


Good Neighbor Award

Harry Cracknell

Skyler Garneau

Shaylin Hall

Maria Lara

Jensen Link

Hope Marquardt

The Drover Difference Maker Award recognizes a student who has taken strides to make a difference in the lives of those they come into contact with on campus and who truly demonstrates why it’s great to be part of the USAO family.


Drover Difference Maker Award

Chelsea Fuston

Alexandra Medcalf

Whitney Spitler

Caleb Townley

The Student Employee of the Year Award recognizes outstanding contributions by a student employee to a department or office at USAO.


Student Employee of the Year Award

Skyler Garneau

Lauren Nava

The Unsung Hero Award recognizes a student who works behind the scenes of a successful student organization, athletic team, group or residential community and who consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty on a regular basis without expectation of recognition.


Unsung Heroes Award

Lacey Dutton

MacKenzie Freeman

Kalep Glandon

Madalyne Rain Gutzmer

Michael Hixson

Halli Humphrey

Gary Jackson

Devon Locke

Bret O’zee

Bea Tezen

The Rising Star Award recognizes a first- or second-year student who has yet to hold an executive position in a student organization but has demonstrated great promise in the area of leadership by taking initiative and making a positive impact on that organization.


Rising Star Award

Christian Bagy

James Brown

Josie Castle

Jessee Clark

Avery Crawford

Yaiza Larrauri

Samuel Little

Natasha Fryhover

Dylan Guillen

Daylen Huff

Mary-Grace McNutt

Ryan Moses

Jeremiah Paredes-Clark

Bella Wilson

The Drover Award is a prestigious honor for senior student leaders who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, a strong commitment to USAO’ mission and dedication to fostering a positive and inclusive environment over the course of their career at the university.


Drover Award

Daniel Buster

Abigail Davis

Chelsea Fuston

Halli Humphrey

Hope Marquardt

Parker Stoddard

Cassidy Sturgeon

John H. Feaver Award

Daniel Buster