USAO expanding concurrent enrollment opportunities for high school students

University seeking to hire adjunct professors in English, math and sciences
A photo of the USAO campus at sunset looking west towards the Owens Flag Plaza and Troutt Hall from in front of Nash Library

The University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma is thrilled to announce the expansion of its concurrent enrollment program. In conjunction with the expansion, USAO is seeking to hire new adjunct faculty dedicated specifically to teaching these bright and driven students.

Concurrent enrollment allows high school juniors and seniors who meet admission and course placement requirements to earn college credit while still in high school. Under the program, participating high school seniors may be eligible to receive a tuition waiver for up to 18 credit hours of concurrent coursework during the academic year, and high school juniors may be eligible to receive a tuition waiver for up to nine credit hours. 

“Expanding our educational offerings to more and more high school students is absolutely paramount to this institution’s growth and the fulfillment of its distinctive mission,” said President Kayla Hale. “When high school students can earn college credits before graduation, they become incredibly well-positioned to make the transition to full-time college life. It not only prepares them for the rigors of USAO's interdisciplinary education, but it allows them to graduate sooner and bring their agile, curious minds to a workforce greatly in need of such talents.”

USAO is particularly interested in certified teachers in English, mathematics and all fields of science with at least 18 graduate credit hours in their field. These teachers would have contracts as adjunct faculty at USAO while teaching college-level courses at Chickasha High School and surrounding schools. Interested parties may apply at

“In recent years, we have seen a very strong increase in both the number of students interested in concurrent enrollment and in the range of courses they would like to pursue,” said Dr. Donna Miles, vice president for academic affairs. “These students require the kind of top-level educators that USAO attracts, and the more of them we can hire, the more effective we will be in serving all of our students.”

High school students interested in concurrent enrollment at USAO must complete the university’s online admission application, submit official high school transcripts, ACT and/or SAT scores and a verification form through USAO’s admissions portal.

For more information, contact Human Resources at 405-574-1225 or