Drover Alum Since Day One: Destani Malicoat

Class of 2018 alumna Destani Malicoat
Class of 2018 alumna Destani Malicoat

Class of 2018 alumna Destani Malicoat has been making an impact in the field of mental health since graduation. With dual degrees from the University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma in English and psychology, Malicoat has perfectly implemented her academic background into her professional journey, making significant contributions to mental health accessibility in Oklahoma.  

"I feel that I am finally beginning to make the difference in my community that I have dreamt of since the day I stepped through USAO's doors," she said.  

After completing a Master of Arts in counseling psychology in 2021, Malicoat diligently worked under supervision, accruing 3,000 hours of practice to obtain her full licensure in professional counseling in February 2023. Currently serving as Clinical Director at Integrated Therapy Solutions of Oklahoma, LLC, Malicoat specializes in trauma, autism, OCD and anxiety, with a focus on serving teenagers, young adults and members of the LGBTQIA2S+ community.  

Reflecting on her education at USAO, Malicoat emphasizes the institution's holistic approach to learning. "The education at USAO is lightyears ahead of other schools," she remarks. "I learned so much more than just information about English and psychology. The courses at USAO gave me a wealth of knowledge about other sciences, religion, culture, history, and art." 

Malicoat's passion for advocacy extends beyond the confines of her professional role. In March 2023, she participated in a march at Oklahoma's capitol to advocate for clients' right to privacy, and she continues to speak out against barriers in mental health treatment, particularly concerning legislation. 

Offering advice to graduating students, Malicoat underscores the importance of continuous learning and advocacy.  

"Don't stop learning, expanding your mind and advocating for others," she urges. "Choose to work for a company that values teaching and advocating. Graduates of USAO benefit from a liberal arts education that many other students, especially in Oklahoma, are not able to access." 

As Malicoat looks towards the future, her vision for mental health in Oklahoma remains steadfast. "I hope to one day be able to reflect and feel confident that I was part of a movement to change mental health accessibility in Oklahoma," she shares. "It is important to me that all individuals are able to receive mental health therapy in an affirming environment." 

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