Fees for USAO’s Italy Trip Due March 1

CHICKASHA – Renaissance artwork and authentic cuisine may seem like Italy’s calling cards, but the University of Science and Arts is out to prove that it’s all just a portion of the entire Italian experience. In May, USAO is hosting its annual tour of Italy with an invitation that extends beyond the campus to the general public.

Tours of historical museums and world famous architecture are all included in the trip’s nine-day itinerary. Prices start at $3,053 per person and include travel, lodging, tour guides and breakfast each morning.

A down payment of $495 is required with a completed application; the remainder is due March 1.

Assistant Professor of Art Jacquelyn Knapp said that seeing photos of Italy’s culture doesn’t compare to experiencing them firsthand.

“You may have read about the ancient ruins of Rome, the canals of Venice and the magnificent sculptures by Michelangelo,” said Knapp, “but to see them in person is just phenomenal.”

A viewing of Michelangelo’s ‘David’ is included, as well as the famous artwork of Botticelli, Carravaggio, Rembrandt and DaVinci.

Set for May 1-9, the trip includes overnight stays in Venice, Florence and Rome.

Tour costs begin at $3,053 for three or four to a room. Rooming for two to a room is $3,263 each and single rates are $3,508. Prices are based on current airport fees and fuel surcharges. Besides breakfast, meals are not included in the price.

The tour’s itinerary includes visits to St. Mark’s Basilica, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel, among many other historical sites.

“The intent of the tour is to give travelers an opportunity to travel abroad, to see art and history and experience a new culture that will affect their lives dramatically,” said Knapp.

In her fourth year to lead the Italy tour, Knapp said that the Italy trip should spark change in the lives of the travelers.

“I believe it is truly a life-altering experience,” she said.

More information is available from Jacquelyn Knapp by phone at (405) 574-1303 or Additional information is available online at under News & Events.

Online enrollment and passport information is available at under “We’re Going,” using the Group Preview code 894449.

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