Greg Maddox-100 Alumni You Should Know

Greg Maddox-100 Alumni You Should Know


By Tailor Finney

Greg Maddox graduated from the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma in 2005 and is a phenomenal example of what students can do with the life lessons and education this university has to offer.

With his fine arts degree, Maddox has become an accomplished, award-winning art director and graphic designer. He has lead teams and art departments for well-known companies such as Under Armour, Champion, Gear for Sports, Major League Baseball and many more.

Now employed with League, he is currently the lead director maintaining a workflow of 5,500 orders a month. Along with these major professional accomplishments, Maddox has four kids to call his own. According to him, nothing is more important than being a kind parent and friend to all, a lesson that stems from his time as an undergraduate.

"Kindness and understanding are some of the most important take-aways from my time at USAO," said Maddox. "The professors understand it's not just about being called Dr. So-and-so, it is about teaching about life and making kind, smart, and understanding adults."

Maddox has a long list great accomplishments to choose from, but one of his favorites is seeing people wearing the designs he has created.

"I am pretty lucky," said Maddox. "I have seen professional athletes wear my designs. It's a cool feeling seeing coaches, athletes, and staff wearing my designs after they have won a championship on TV with confetti flying all over the place."

Throughout his post-graduation life, Maddox still reminisces on his time as a Drover and encourages any USAO student to soak it all up.

"Never quit. Enjoy every last minute of it no matter how hard it is," said Maddox. "You will never meet a better group of friends or be with a better group of teachers that care about you."

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