Instagram Takeover

USAO’s Instagram account (@usaodrovers) tells the university’s story. Content should build community among current students and provide prospective students an authentic experience of the life of a Drover while informing students at the same time. Content for Takeover Tuesdays should be diverse and interactive and overall show the student’s passion for the University. 

What is a Takeover

Takeovers are centered around “A Day in the Life of” a student. Takeovers should be centered around the most interesting parts of your day while remaining authentic. Examples include discussing morning routine and lunch plans, while also filming things like pre-practice routines and post-practice rituals (for athletes), or the process of deciding which art pieces to display to the public (artists). While these are just examples, overall takeovers should set a scene. Where are you? Who are the characters? Why are you telling this story? How does it tie into the greater USAO narrative? How does it end? Make sure to film in multiple locations throughout the day. Remember InstaStory’s are linear and you can’t insert clips into a separate published story, so prepare ahead. Outline your day out and figure out which parts you would like to film. If things go wrong or not as planned, improvise, the process may be a give and take thing. You can get creative when filming to display your story in the most fun and authentic way.

Instagram Takeover – General Outline


General Content

These are purely suggestions. Be creative. The viewers are interested in what YOUR life at USAO is like, so be authentic!

Takeover Do’s

Takeover Don’ts

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