Jaclyn Vazquez -- 100 Alumni You Should Know

Jaclyn Vazquez

Jaclyn Vazquez -- 100 Alumni You Should Know


By Khassandra Hameg

USAO graduate Jaclyn Vazquez found a career choice that she loves and that she can use to give back to her community. The 2008 chemistry alum is a registered dental hygienist.

Vazquez participates in the Open Wide Dental Clinic, a free dental clinic in partnership with Portland Avenue Baptist Church in Oklahoma City. “Volunteering there allows me to give back to the community by using my unique skills,” she said.

In addition to the free clinic, Vazquez had the opportunity to take a position in an under-served community in Montana for a two-year contract.

After graduating from USAO, Vazquez went on to earn another bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene from the University of Oklahoma. “USAO helped me become well-rounded and laid the foundation for my success at OU's dental hygiene program.”

As a dental hygienist, Vazquez conducts adult and child prophylaxis, scaling and root planning, oral hygiene instructions, administers local anesthesia and nitrous oxide. She created an oral health presentation for grade school children, assists with school dental screenings, takes impressions and pours models for whitening trays. She is on the staff of Dental Depot of Edmond.

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