Pathways Alumni Mentor Program celebrates second year

Pathways Alumni Mentor Program
Logo of the Pathways Alumni Mentor Program

Now in its second year, the Pathways Alumni Mentor Program connects students classified as sophomores and up with established alumni who serve as mentors and guides for professional career development. A partnership between the Student Success Center and Alumni Development at the university facilitates these interactions between our future alumni and those already making their mark in the world.

Applications for both mentor and mentee positions opened in August. Matches will be made and participants will be notified in September. The program calendar runs from October to April.

Even out-of-state alumni can apply for a mentorship position, as the meetings can be conducted via Skype or FaceTime. Matches are based on a variety of components including, but not limited to, college major, industry preferences, hobbies and interests, location and desired method of communication. Every effort is made to establish compatible matches, however there is no guarantee. Matching preferences are made based on the availability of interested participants. 

If you are would like to become an Alumni Mentor, please fill out the application today!

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