Student Spotlight: Ronnee Buycks

Ronnee Buycks followed her passion for the arts to the University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma
Ronnee Buycks followed her passion for the arts to the University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma

Like many Drovers, Ronnee Buycks followed her passion for the arts to the University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma campus. She first heard about USAO from her high school art teacher, and quickly found her place on campus, excited about combining her love for art and love for dance while pursuing her degree.

“I was immediately drawn to campus,” said Buycks. “I chose to pursue my degree here because it felt like a near perfect environment for me. Art has been my passion since I was a small child. As dance and art go hand-in-hand in my life, I was ecstatic to see that USAO had a dance team, and it came with a scholarship.”

While Buycks has been exposed to many mediums of art through her major, she attributes her social exposure to be the most exciting part of her college experience so far.

“Personally, I have grown more socially than anything,” said Buycks. “I have gotten out of my comfort zone, and I would say I'm involved in more things than I have ever been in. I was nervous at first, but honestly here at USAO I have been the happiest I've ever been in a school setting and in a social setting.”

Academically, she has thoroughly enjoyed her art classes and the ability to tailor her schedule to set herself up for success. The transition into college course schedules can be overwhelming, but because of the relationship students have with their advisors at USAO, they can spend more time creating a schedule that best suits their individual needs.

“The schedule of college definitely surprised me the most,” said Buycks. “I was able to build my schedule the way it was easier for me, so I adjusted to it almost immediately. I picked classes based on the times that I could be most productive.”

USAO’s nurturing environment has allowed Buycks to truly focus on her interests and how to make a career out of them. Passionate from a young age, she is working toward a bachelor's in fine arts, while exploring business as a minor so she can be fully prepared for her ideal career. She feels her design and composition classes are really laying the foundation for what she wants to build her own art shop around.

“My ideal career is to own an art shop,” said Buycks. “I want to have different art pieces ready to sell, but also be able to design things as people request and put the design on any material they want. That is why I might add a minor in business.”

As she has dove into the college experience, Buycks felt fully supported from the very beginning during Welcome Week. Her orientation leaders are still among her biggest mentors on campus.

“During orientation, they [orientation leaders] always explained something if someone was struggling and they were so at ease,” said Buycks. “It was always comfortable to talk to them. They keep in contact with us if we ever need help.” 

This closeness is what Buycks always wanted in a college experience and urges others to understand the impact it has had on her at such a tumultuous time in a young adult’s life.

“USAO is so different from other colleges,” said Buycks. “We have a small, cozy campus so it's easy to navigate around without getting lost. I would also say that the student to professor ratio is great as you're able to have a one-on-one with the professors. And a great thing is the price of USAO versus other colleges, you just can't beat it.”

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