Student Spotlight: Gisela Alonso

A photo of Gisela Alonso wearing a dark vest and seated in front of a shelf of books in Nash Library
Thanks to the environment at USAO, Alonso has discovered new avenues to best develop her natural abilities and lead to a fulfilling career.

When Gisela Alonso of Carnegie started classes at the University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma, she was nervous because she had been out of college for about five years and found the prospect of restarting her education as a nontraditional student rather intimidating. But after discussing her situation with several USAO students who spoke of the faculty and overall atmosphere on campus in glowing terms, she found the confidence to resume her work towards a bachelor’s degree.

Now a communications major set to graduate in 2025, Alonso has flourished in the school’s welcoming environment and is well on her way to achieving the goals that had previously seemed out of reach before she came to campus. She has also discovered new avenues which can best develop her natural abilities and lead to a fulfilling career.

“I decided to continue my education at USAO because I know I have the potential to achieve something greater and not settle for just a job,” said Alonso. “I was a business major but recently switched to communication because I am great with people and very creative. Communication majors have such a broad range of careers to choose from. With social media, podcasts and the internet growing in general, I believe I can be successful in any career I choose.”

During her time as a student, Alonso has made many friends who share similar goals. Her peers constantly work together to help each other grow both academically and personally, keep each other motivated during stressful times and generally stay on track in their path towards a college degree and their future career goals. She has also found a great deal of inspiration in the faculty.

“One of my biggest mentors would be Dr. J.C. Casey, professor of communication,” said Alonso. “I met her before I became a communication major, and she inspired me to want to switch and became my advisor. She has helped me figure out a clearer path towards graduation and continues to help me in any way she can along the way.”

Recognized on the USAO honor roll for two semesters, Alonso is determined to continue her academic achievements and remain on that list throughout the remainder of her time at the university. She also plans to continue her participation in the many different student-run organizations on campus, as they provide an important pathway for students to begin putting their education into practice outside of the classroom before they have even graduated.

“USAO has many clubs and job opportunities that can give you experience for the future,” she said. “They really help students beef up their resumes and skills for the real world.”