Student Spotlight: Luke Lewis

A photo of Luke Lewis in his Drover baseball uniform celebrating with other team members in the dugout
The friendly and close-knit nature of the USAO campus has also aided in Lewis’ success both in the classroom and on the field.

Growing up in Fort Cobb, Luke Lewis has been around the University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma since he was a young child. With a sister-in-law graduating with an art degree and a cousin who played in the Drover Baseball program, his connections to the institution were well-established long before he decided to pursue his own degree here. Based on their recommendations and his interactions with Athletics Director Mike Ross, Lewis chose USAO as his alma mater.

Set to graduate this year with a degree in business administration, Lewis has excelled both academically and athletically, while also finding the university’s home-like atmosphere something truly special.

“The thing that stood out to me was how close USAO is as a whole,” he said. “No matter what department you are in or what your interests are, all of the staff will go out of their way to help you. The small number of students is nice too, making it easy to get to know your classmates and participate in activities that are out of your comfort zone.” 

Lewis chose to study business because of the diverse skills required for success in the field. As an athlete, the competitive side of things naturally appealed to him, but also the diverse careers that rely on exceptional problem-solving skills that such a degree can open to people in today’s economy. USAO’ interdisciplinary approach has also taught him the value of cooperation and teamwork.

“I’ve learned to ask for help and learned that everyone is better when we work together,” said Lewis.

A crucial part of this learning experience has obviously been his experiences on the baseball diamond, as the Drovers’ energy and talent have led them to historic successes in recent years. The need to balance both a full course load and the busy schedule of a successful baseball team has shaped Lewis’ work ethic as well as his time management skills.

“Being an athlete during college has taught me to be flexible. Having good coaches that care about my academics has been crucial in getting me enrolled and eligible to play. Talking to the teachers and staff and planning ahead to tackle projects headfirst, rather than waiting around and missing assignments, has helped me be successful in staying on top of my academics,” he said.

The friendly and close-knit nature of the USAO campus has also aided in Lewis’ success both in the classroom and on the field. The ease with which he was able to adjust to college life provided a solid framework for the success he has demonstrated during his time as a student.

“In my time here, I haven’t had a negative experience, whether that be in the classroom, lunchroom, or from the trainers or coaches from all sports. I have always felt as if I have been treated with respect, and that I am important,” said Lewis.

Though he notes the support he has received across the board at USAO, Lewis again mentions Ross when considering who has been his biggest mentor on campus.

“Coach Ross taught me the importance of patience and preparation. Baseball is a mind game where you constantly readjust your perception and strategy. He shows that there is much to gain by treating people with respect even in very tense situations,” he said.

As he prepares for life as a graduate, Lewis knows that the skills he has gained over his college career have left him well-prepared for anything he may face in his future. His success at USAO has been about building good habits and constantly trying to improve himself, and he is ready to carry these skills with him for the rest of his life.

“I’ve learned to focus to improve my grades, conditioning, and relationships. I’ve learned to say ‘no’ to a lot of things,” said Lewis. “My experiences as a Drover have taught me the importance of never letting anyone get in the way of what you love and fighting back when you face defeat.”