Student Spotlight: Vivian Holcomb

Image of Vivian Holcomb about to shoot for a basket

Student Spotlight: Vivian Holcomb


For USAO student, Vivian “V” Holcomb, pursuing her college education at this university was the best decision she could have made. Holcomb attended a few other universities, but she has found that USAO offers both a curriculum and an athletic program that complement each other in many different ways.

“I knew that USAO would give me the bestchance at succeeding academically as well as athletically,” said Holcomb.

Academically, Holcomb chose communications as her major in order to develop her ability to interpret research and think critically about what’s being talked about in the world. Communications is a wide-ranging field of study that covers the various aspects of modern media, including broadcasting, video production, professional oratory skills, newswriting and research. She has been studying the many facets of effective communication under the wing of Dr. J.C. Casey, professor of communication, her guide and mentor during her college adventure.

“I believe our communications program is a rare and relevant topic. We as people typically don’t communicate very effectively, but literally it’s everywhere we are and in everything we do.”

In addition to her academic skills, Holcomb is currently the captain of the USAO women’s basketball team, under the leadership of head coach Darrick Matthews.

Before transferring to USAO, Holcomb didn’t have a big interest in academia; however, she now credits this institution for changing her perception of school and transitioning her to a new environment constructed for the curious mind.

“There are great programs and great people here that care about the creative, individual mind in each student. They don’t force you into a box like most universities,” said Holcomb.

While most universities direct their student athletes toward pursuing purely athletic achievements, USAO has encouraged Holcomb to succeed in the realm of the classroom as well as the realm of the basketball court. Balancing both mental and physical training can be a difficult task at USAO, and Holcomb had issues with that initially, but she swears by the efforts she’s made in time management. Careful planning allows her to maintain a healthy schedule for both academics and athletics simultaneously.

If her schedule allows during her senior year, Holcomb intends to join the World Bachelor in Business program, which engages intellectually curious and entrepreneurial students in a business curriculum that connects leading-edge teaching methods with cultural immersion and real-world experiences. She then plans to pursue a master’s degree in search of a head coaching job.

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