Student Spotlight: Mary-Grace McNutt

Mary-Grace McNutt
Mary-Grace McNutt

The University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma is known for its warm, inviting campus. For Mary-Grace McNutt, that was the selling factor when choosing her desired university. Though she was familiar with campus through a family member, her trip to campus reinforced her excitement.

“I heard about USAO from my cousin, who graduated from here,” said McNutt. “So, I decided to tour the campus, and it just drew me in. It felt like home.”

Once admitted and enrolled, the warmth of campus continued to grow as she navigated her classes and extracurricular activities.

“The smaller class sizes have been the biggest benefit for me,” said McNutt. “I enjoy having the one-on-one time with my professors and knowing the other students in my classes. It has definitely helped my studies. It really feels like a small community here.”

McNutt had an idea about what she wanted to major in after falling in love with photography during her high school yearbook classes. That passion led her to the USAO Communication Department where she began her core curriculum.

At USAO, while studying your chosen major, students are also exposed to the Interdisciplinary Studies Curriculum. An integral part of our mission is to educate the whole person, and the IDS classes introduce students to key ideas across a range of disciplines. It was during those classes that she found another connection.

“Through some of my other classes and talking with friends in the program, I learned about speech-language pathology,” said McNutt. “The more I looked into it, I became really interested. I have a lot of teachers in my family so it felt close to me. After talking to my advisor, we decided double-majoring would be a good path for me.”

Outside of the classroom, McNutt has been able to grow socially as well. She has been involved with the school newspaper, “The Trend,” the Drover Dancers and the USAO Student Media Team. Each role has allowed her to learn about herself and grow her skills differently.

“Being a Drover Dancer has helped me express myself and learn how to navigate a group of people. It has also taught me how to use my voice, which is helpful when reaching out to ask for help or having the confidence to answer questions in class,” said McNutt. “Being a part of the Student Media Team has also helped me grow. My biggest mentor on campus would be my boss, because she has helped me grow as a person and breakout of my shell, not only because of the work I do through countless media interviews, but also because of the one-on-ones we have in her office.”

As a member of the USAO Student Media Team, McNutt is exposed to the inner workings of a marketing office. Her roles span various medias including photography, video production, writing and interviewing. Throughout her time as a Drover, her favorite accomplishment would be a project stemming from her video work.

“I have done so many projects with the Student Media Team, but my favorite would be the “Picnics with Ghosts video series,” said McNutt. “The series included three videos that a co-worker and I produced for Halloween. It was an amazing opportunity, and I am so proud of how it all came together.”

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