Student Government Association

Close-up shot of a student wearing a USAO SGA shirt and a gavel in the foreground.


The Student Government Association is the chief advocate for USAO students. As a student, you are already a member of the SGA. Want to see a change? While you absolutely don’t need to be a senator to address thoughts or concerns before the Senate or Supreme Court, everyone is encouraged to campaign for a seat.

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SGA executive students and mentors standing in two rows outside, smiling to the camera. SGA senate students and mentors standing in three rows outside, smiling to the camera.

Executive Board members shall act as voting members of the Senate, not subject to associated Senate requirements.

Office Location: Student Services Room 300

President: Chelsea Fuston

Vice-President: Halli Humphrey

Secretary: Daniel Buster

Treasurer: Chandler Leamon-Webb

Parliamentarian: Bret O'zee

The USAO SGA Legislative Branch writes legislation and votes on student issues.

Senior Ward: Kalep Glandon & Kati Robbins

Junior Ward: Brooke Stephens & Isabellah Willoughby

Sophomore Ward: Savannah Alldredge & Luke Cantrell

Freshman Ward: Natasha Fryhover & Ryan Moses

Business & Social Sciences Ward: Christian Bagy

Education & Speech-Language Pathology Ward: Jessee Clark

Humanities & IDS Ward: Harry Cracknell

Science & Physical Education Ward: Carson Trammell 

Visual & Performing Arts Ward: Bea Tezen

Off-Campus Ward: James Brown

At-Large Ward: Ashlin Tryczak

The Judicial Branch of SGA is used to deal with both internal and external issues involving USAO student organizations. Internal issues include Senator appeals and conflicts within student government that require impartial hearings. External issues include conflicts within other student organizations that require mediation from a third party, unbiased source.

If you experience any issues in your organization and would like to have the issues heard before the student government Supreme Court, please contact the Chief Justice below.

Supreme Court Chief Justice: Matthew Brooks

Supreme Court Justices: Korbyn Pebbles, Kadie Mclemore, Casey Tripp & Nathan Ross