Communication Resources

USAO has developed a list of resources for our faculty, staff and students to use as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and keep our campus healthy. We'll update this page as more information and resources become available.


Available to download and save or print.

Communication Tips During COVID-19


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These signs are available to download and save or print.

  • Please Wait Here for Assistance
  • Face Covering Required - My Mask Protects You. Your Mask Protects Me.
  • No More than Five People in the Laundry Room at a Time - Face Covering Required
  • Enter Here - Face Covering Required
  • Disinfect Surfaces Regularly
  • Exit Only - Please Use Other Door
  • Do Not Move Lobby Furniture
  • One-Way Traffic Downstairs
  • Essential Use Only - 1-Person Occupancy
  • Wash Your Hands - Sing "Happy Birthday" Two Times
  • Maintain Social Distancing - We Stand Together, 6 Feet Apart
  • This Space is Being Disinfected - Please Wait Patiently as We Make This Space Safe for You
  • If You Leave Your Place, Be Sure to Cover Your Face
  • One-Way Traffic Upstairs
  • One Way Traffic Enter Here - Remember to Stay 6 Feet Apart
  • One Way Traffic Do Not Enter Here - Except in Case of Emergency
  • Only 2 Students/Family in the Office at a Time
  • Only 1 Student/Family in the Office at a Time