COVID-19 Emergency Student Assistance Fund

This fund is to help offset costs that go beyond the CARES ACT Allocations that were as follows: Part-time $181 (3-5 credit hours), Half-time $354, Three quarter time $548, and Full-time $768.

We recognize that the current situation may have caused unanticipated financial challenges for our students. As a result, USAO has established the Emergency Student Assistance Fund to support the unexpected costs due to the extraordinary circumstances of the global COVID-19 outbreak.

The purpose of the USAO Student Emergency Fund is to award one-time monetary assistance to students who are experiencing an unforeseen crisis by assisting with expenses which can impact a student’s ability to continue their education. USAO students may request up $750. The funding will be awarded on a case-by-case basis, after a committee evaluates the student’s need and circumstance.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a current USAO student
  • Determine that all other resources, including USAO CARES ACT grant, and resources through the Office of Financial Aid, have been considered and are insufficient, unavailable, or not available in a timely manner
  • Demonstrate hardship (documentation may be requested by the committee so it’s best to provide it as part of your application)

Some examples of how the COVID-19 Emergency Student Assistance Fund could be used: 

  • Computers and internet access for students who will not otherwise be able to complete their coursework.
  • Assistance with emergency moving and transportation expenses.
  • Immediate support for students facing housing challenges or food insecurity.
  • Resources for students who need emergency medical and mental health services. 
  • Books and other essential academic expenses