COVID-19 Response

While COVID-19 continues to bring unique challenges to everyone, the University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma is committed to providing a supportive and welcoming environment where students can thrive. As we start the spring semester, now is not the time to be careless. Remember to WASH your hands, WEAR your mask and WATCH your distance! 

COVID-19 Weekly Report: May 4, 2021

0 - Known Total Active Cases

0 - Active Student Cases

0 - Active Non-Student Cases

This figure represents only active positive cases among the campus community that are self-reported to the University. The Science & Arts campus community is defined as those enrolled in classes, employed by the university or permanently housed on campus, whether they are a student, staff, faculty or vendor. Confidentiality laws prohibit us from disclosing individuals’ identities.

State of Oklahoma data

Chickasha Data 

Grady County Data


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report a covid-19 case

The University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma follows the guidance of the Grady County Health Department in our response to a positive diagnosis on campus. Faculty, staff and students who test positive, should inform the Dean of Students. Names of individuals testing positive will not be released. 

Submit Your Positive Test Result


Faculty and staff may submit proposals for non-residential summer 2021. Types of events could include lectures, concerts, performances, etc. After submitting your proposal, the COVID Advisory Committee will review and may follow-up with questions regarding your event or safety protocols. If your proposal is approved, you will need to fill out a facility request to reserve the facilities.