CLEP Testing

College Level Examination Program

The College Level Examination Program, or CLEP, is a program that allows you to 'test out' of subject areas you are already proficient in. There are several tests to choose from.

How do I schedule a test?

Schedule an appointment, at least, a day in advance. You will need two hours to take the test or more for the Writing exam. There is a three month waiting period required to retake any CLEP test. Go to College Board's website at to purchase your test voucher. Bring a printout or picture of your exam ticket with you to the test.

Call (405) 574-1281 for more information.

Suggestion to students before testing:

Study guides are available in the Assessment Office or online at for study information.

What is the cost?

$104.00 per test for non-USAO students or non-alumni

$89.00 per test for USAO students and alumni

$15.00 administration fee for Non-USAO patrons. Pay this fee in the Business Office, Troutt Hall Room 220, and bring receipt with you.

$89.00 to CLEP - pay by debit or credit card online through College Board's website

Day of test:

  • Please bring one (1) current photo ID (i.e.: drivers license)
  • Receipt of payment from the Business office if you are not a USAO student or alumni
  • Debit or credit card you paid with

Students will receive the test score right after the test with the exception of College Composition. Official transcripts are mailed to colleges students selected during their registration with CollegeBoard.

The following information is required to register for a CLEP test:

Registration requires name, address, social security number, phone number, e-mail address, and date of birth. If you have any documented disability you will need to provide documentation of disability.

USAO Credit from CLEP Examinations
CLEP Subject Examinations Credit Score Equivalent USAO Courses Maximum Credit Hours
Introductory Business Law 50 BADM 3103 Business Law I 3
Principles of Management 50 MGMT 3253 Principles of Management 3
Principles of Marketing 50 BADM 3243 Principles of Marketing 3
Composition and Literature
American Literature 50 ENGL 2313 American Literature I, 2323 American Literature II 6
English Literature 50 ENGL 2213 British Literature I, ENGL 2223 British Literature II 6
College Composition 54

IDS 1113 Introduction to College Writing

IDS 1213 Writing About Literature

Foreign Languages
College Level French Language 50 FREN 1104 Elementary French I, FREN 1114 Elementary French II 8
College Level French Language 62 FREN 2004 Intermediate French I, FREN 2014 Intermediate French II 8
College Level Spanish Language 50 SPAN 1104 Elementary Spanish I, SPAN 1114 Elementary Spanish II 8
College Level Spanish Language 63 SPAN 2004 Intermediate Spanish I, SPAN 2014 Intermediate Spanish II 8
History and Social Sciences
American Government 50 PSCI 2343 Government of the U.S. 3
History of the U.S. I: Early Col.-1877 50 HIST 3773 The U.S. 1789-1877 3
History of the U.S. II: 1865-Present 50 HIST 3883 The U.S. 1877-1945 3
Human Growth and Development 50 

PSYC 2513 Infant, Child & Adolescent Development

Human Growth and Development 50 PSYC 2523 Adult Development & Aging 3
Introduction to Education Psychology 65 EDUC 3102 Educational Psychology 2
Introduction to Psychology 50 PSYC 1643 Elementary Psychology 3
Introduction to Sociology 50 SOC 1123 General Sociology 3
Principles of Macroeconomics 50 ECON 2113 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
Principles of Microeconomics 50 ECON 2123 Principles of Microeconomics 3
Science and Mathematics
Calculus 50 MATH 1743 Calculus I 3
College Algebra 50 MATH 1513 College Algebra 3
General Biology 50 IDS 2023 Foundations of Life Science* 3
General Chemistry 50 CHEM 1113 General Chemistry I**, 1123 General Chemistry II** 6
Pre-Calculus 50 MATH 1513 College Algebra, MATH 1613 Trigonometry 6

*IDS 2023, Foundations of Life Science requires an additional one-hour lab.

**CHEM 1113/1123, General Chemistry I & II require additional labs.

The amount of credit from examinations will not exceed the total of 31 semester hours at the lower division level and 31 semester hours at the upper-division level. The credit score listed above is the minimum score you must attain for credit.

If the class you need or use a CLEP for is not listed, you may work with the Registrar to determine if a test can be used for that class.