Computer Science

USAO has partnered with Cameron University to increase computer science course offerings available to students. In addition, this partnership allows USAO students to complete a computer science minor at USAO by taking courses at USAO and at Cameron (with online courses available). Interested students must first complete the following courses, or their equivalent, in order to take more advanced courses in computer science:

Students using financial aid will need to request a consortium agreement from the Financial Aid office. The consortium agreement must be returned, with all required signatures and documents, to the financial aid office by the last day to add classes for the applicable term.

If you are interested in computer science courses or the computer science minor, please contact any of the faculty listed below. Please also consult with your current faculty advisor about how these courses would fit into your degree plan.

Cameron University Information

How to Apply:

  1. Apply to Cameron University at
    1. Contact the Registrar’s Office at USAO ( to receive a promo code to waive the $20 application fee.
  2. Once admitted, contact the Cameron University Department of Computing and Mathematical Sciences at 580.581.2335 to enroll in courses.

Available Courses at Cameron:

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