Alumni Association

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It is time to elect a President and four new members to the Board of Directors of the USAO Alumni Association, Inc. Each alumni volunteer can serve up to 2 consecutive three-year terms beginning immediately after the annual meeting in November.

This ballot must be completed by close of business on October 30, 2020.


For over 100 years, the Association has worked to strengthen USAO and its students through special projects and scholarships. The Association collaborates with the university for alumni reunions, class projects and programs that benefit current students. 

The USAO Alumni Association is a 501(c)(3) not for profit incorporation. All people who attended the Oklahoma College for Women, Oklahoma College of Liberal Arts and/or the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma are part of the Association. All members are eligible to vote for and serve on the board of directors and to vote on other Association issues.

All USAO alumni are automatically members of the USAO Alumni Association, and as such enjoy multiple benefits and receive regular communications.  You are considered an alumnus if you have attended at least one semester of OCW/OCLA/USAO. It is a non-dues-paying association.

A volunteer board of directors provides leadership and vision for the more than 10,000 active alumni across the United States and the nation. The board meets four times a year and is comprised of a diverse body of alumni.

The first association of alumni members was born on the afternoon of May 18, 1917, in the college library, then located on the third floor of the Administration Building (Troutt Hall), according to university archives. Six of the seven graduates of the school were present. Alumni dues were set at 50 cents per year. The group incorporated in 1995.

In 2017 after thoughtful conversation around what the “next 100 years” of the Association should look like and a critical look at best practices around alumni engagement, the board of directors determined that the current dues-based membership model had become a barrier to alumni participation.  In 2018 a vote was passed to move into a non-dues model for membership, meaning that all 10,000 + graduates of the university are now considered members of the Association.