Dr. Buchanan, Bonnie Bell 1983

Bonnie Bell Buchanan’s research and teaching had national implications. Her study of the school lunch program led to modifications and changes in the program. She also completed major research in the area of home economics education. Dr. Bonnie Bell Butler Buchanan and her sisters all graduated from Oklahoma College for Women. Dr. Buchanan completed her bachelor degree in home economics, her masters from Oklahoma State University in 1942, and her doctorate from the University of Oklahoma in 1959. She served on the USAO staff for 12 years as chairman of the home economics department. She also has one year elementary and 12 years secondary teaching experience. In addition, she taught in the graduate program at the University of Arizona, serving as head of the personal shopping department of Kerr's Department Store, supervised government canning kitchens and served for two years as office manager for her husband's construction business. She served as president of the college and university section for the Oklahoma Home Economics Association, as President of the Board of Jane Brooks School for the Deaf in Chickasha. Dr. Buchanan was a member of Hypatia Academic Society, named Teacher of the Year for the university in 1970 and Outstanding Educator of the Year in 1975 by the Oklahoma Education Association.

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