Helm, Geneva Elizabeth 1991

Using her talent and education, Geneva Helm has traveled the world performing plays and operas to soldiers and civilians alike. Helm graduated from Oklahoma College for Women in 1932 with a bachelor of arts degree in drama, having studied with Francis Dinsmore Davis, Claribel Baird, and Clarice Tatman. She also received a Master of Fine Arts at Columbia University and Union Seminary, New York City. During the "war years" of the 1940's, she worked at the state department in Washington, D.C., then went overseas to the Pacific for nine months with U.S.O. Her performance experience included off Broadway, stock, and CBS Radio, Hollywood, in addition to productions at Union Seminary. She toured with "Book of Job" at the New York World's Fair, London and South Africa. She served as executive assistant to Dr. Ralph Sockman of Christ Methodist Church, one of the most respected and acclaimed clergymen of the denomination, for 25 years; had a long association with Jerome Hines' opera, "I Am The Way," touring across the country with the production; for five years she worked with Mrs. August Belmont, founder of the Metropolitan Opera Guild, on her book, "The Fabric of Memory." She organized a New York alum group which held meetings and luncheons for the university president and Dean Davis.

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