Pieroth, Doris Hinson 1999

A pioneer in the study of sports and physical education, Doris Hinson Pieroth graduated from Oklahoma College for Women in 1951 as a physical education major. In addition to serving as president of the Physical Education Majors Club in 1950-51, she was editor of the 1950 Argus and a member of Literatae. In her era, before Title IX and inter-collegiate athletics for women, she played on all the OCW teams that regularly participated in the statewide sports days: field hockey, basketball, volleyball, and softball. OCW and its physical education program had prepared her well for graduate school, she says, and she received a Smith College Trustee’s Scholarship for study in 1951-52. After earning her masters degree, followed by three years of teaching at Smith, she moved west in 1955, teaching for three years at the University of Colorado in Boulder. She married John Pieroth in 1958 and moved to Seattle, Wash., where they still make their home. She joined the faculty of the University of Washington that fall and continued to teach while raising two daughters, Suzanne and Jeanne. She created and introduced courses in the history of sport and physical education at both the University of Colorado and Washington. In 1968, she returned to graduate school with an eye to enlarging the humanities aspect of the department. Since 1980, she has been working as an independent historian, writing, lecturing, serving as a consultant for museum exhibits and publications, and reviewing.

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