Russell, Evalu 1993

An animated storyteller who blends her native Kiowa culture into modern lessons for life, Evalu Russell of Anadarko has entertained audiences around the world with her practical and poignant reminisces. She also enjoys her other career as a housewife. Russell received a bachelor of art degree in music education in 1975 at USAO and earned a bachelor of science degree in American Indian Studies in 1977. Russell attended USAO after her children were grown. She was featured on KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City last year during a special feature on Oklahoma Indians by Linda Cavanaugh. Russell is also the aunt of N. Scott Momaday, Pulitzer Prize-winning author. Russell is best known for her Indian storytelling. She uses script, music, costumes and props to tell others of Kiowa history and traditions. She was featured during the USAO Alumni Homecoming 1992 as entertainment during the Green and Gold Buffet. She has traveled with the U.S. State Department to Russia and has traveled throughout the United States with her storytelling. In 1979 she received the National Indian Educator of the Year Award. Her husband, Lowell, is a retired Methodist Minister.

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