Shaw, Londa Lee Moore 1999

A nationally-known recording artist and jazz musician, Londa Lee Moore Shaw was a 1947 graduate of Oklahoma College for Women where she was a piano major, accompanying vocal and violin students and playing in chamber music groups. After teaching music at Chickasha Junior High School, she attended the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago with a scholarship to work on her Master’s degree. Written for solo voice in 1954, she arranged her song “Red Earth” for three part women’s voices. Although she was in demand as an accompanist and writing songs for musicals, she began to realize that she wanted something more than accompanying as a career and began performing in nightclubs and restaurants. After four years as a soloist, she formed a trio which didn’t really develop until she met her husband, drummer Stan Shaw, in 1961. The trio moved to Puerto Rico and studied at the Conservatory of Music with Jesus Maria Sanroma. After moving to New York City and signing with a booking agency, the group played some of the best known jazz clubs in the city including the Village Vanguard, The Five Spot, and played at the Apollo Theatre for the March on Washington Rally for Martin Luther King in 1963. The trio also began to travel, playing across the northeast U.S., Europe, and Canada. Their travels included a month long tour of Oklahoma campuses in 1983 when featured an appearance at USAO. The trio continues to play locally and travel. Lee Shaw was inducted into the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame in 1993. She was recently featured in a special on OETA.

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