Ready, Set, NOW

Ready, Set, NOW

“The campaign strategy is simple — inform and engage. Its theme, Ready, Set, NOW, expresses the principles of preparation, confidence and urgency so critical to advancing the University.”

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Deborah Park | Business

“My parents and I decided that I should take financial responsibility for my own education so that I would take it seriously and focus on my studies. Thanks to scholarships, I am mid-way through my bachelor’s degree and remain debt-free.”

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Sara Gibbs | Biology/Business Double Major

“The new equipment purchased for the science department will have a major impact on my experience as a science major specifically. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have this new equipment available.”

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Drake King | Psychology

“I’m a night owl so having access to a 24-hour computer lab means that my roommates can sleep and I can get my work done. I am super pumped!”

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Maïtè Miller | Biology

“The recent improvements to campus are bringing the idea of hard work and beauty to life. It’s a special time to be here, knowing that these projects will change the face of USAO for generations to come. ”

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Mo Anderson | USAO Regent & Campaign Chair

“I am thrilled to Chair the Ready, Set, NOW Campaign. There is no doubt in my mind that USAO is a great school and worthy of support. But I also know it will take grit and determination to reach our goals. It will take the entire USAO family!”

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