Planned and Estate Giving


Established in 2003 by 27 alumni and friends of the university, the Echo Society recognizes those who include Science & Arts in their will or in a planned gift. More than $1,200,000 will be added to scholarship and program support benefiting Science & Arts students through bequests made by founding members of the Echo Society.

The Echo Society is built upon a powerful image and a great tradition. The name speaks to how people can extend the influence of their lives through an estate gift in the same way that an echo continues to resound long after the speaker is silent. But it also refers to a tradition dating back to the years after Nash Library was built. Singing on the steps of the Administration Building, students discovered an echo coming back to them from the Nash Library. Since that time, singing on those steps and listening for the echo has become a cherished moment for alumni celebrating the annual fall homecoming. It is a powerful image that is also a great tradition.

Unlike a physical echo that fades over time, the influence left by members of the Echo Society does not diminish through the years. It continues to resonate in the lives of students for countless generations. In addition, the impact of the Echo Society is not limited to the library or single aspect of the school but multiplies its effect over every facet of this great college. It is an echo of traditional proportions that can be heard reminding the present and the future of its dependence on the past.

Including the college in your will or trust may be easier than you think. And in doing so you may be able to give a much larger gift, and have a much bigger impact on student success and the college, than you can during your lifetime.

For additional information or to discuss ways you can be a part of the Echo Society,  contact JP Audas at 405-574-1393.