General Fund

“The General Fund is a very powerful form of private support. It allows the University to use funds as it sees fit, where current, and often time sensitive, needs are greatest.”

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“USAO is committed to placing students first by making education attainable and affordable for all Drover students and their families. By supporting scholarships, you can give the gift of opportunity to any of our students. ”

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“USAO takes pride in developing scholar-athletes who demonstrate the valued relationship between academics and athletics – a relationship that characterizes the great liberal arts college. ”

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Academic Areas

“USAO offers the small classes, highly qualified faculty and institutional commitment to undergraduate education that you’d expect from a small private college.”

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President's Partners

“President’s Partners is a unique society made up of the most passionate and loyal USAO alumni and supporters. It provides an opportunity to support the larger priorities of our university through the leadership of President Feaver. ”

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Drover Impact

“Drover Impact is a crowdfunding platform, allowing donors to choose from a variety of projects created by students, faculty, and administration.  These projects could support a campus program, a faculty's research, a new idea or sustaining time”

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