Information, Network and Research Services


The office of Information, Network and Research Services’ primary purpose is the development and maintenance of present and future technological advancements for the University. We support both the administrative and academic computing activities for USAO as well as the campus digital telephone and fax system. Our office works within the administrative arena and academic computing, including but not limited to maintenance and development of campus computing, purchase and support of hardware and software, training and workshops and the university's digital telephone and fax systems. Information, Network and Research Services is very supportive of all administrative staff and academic computing needs by providing hardware and software assistance and training.

The office of Information, Network and Research Services is USAO’s central resource for computing information. Because of this, one of our major responsibilities is to provide evaluation services for technological advances in every area. This includes multimedia software development, Internet access and information, telecommunications and telephone systems. We assist with the development of automation plans and provide requirement specifications for various projects as well as providing expertise in the areas of hardware and software systems.