Online Service Status

Online Service Status

Like all universities and colleges, the University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma utilizes several third-party online services used by students, staff, and faculty. Although very rare, these online services have brief outages from time to time. The vast majority of service outages are typically short-term, and are quickly resolved by the vendor within a short/acceptable amount of time (often minutes, and at most no more than an hour or two). If an online service is expected/scheduled to have a long-term outage, then an informational/alert email (or text/phone-call, if absolutely necessary) will be sent out to all USAO students, staff and faculty.

Below is a list of webpages for viewing the real-time availability/status for most of the online services used at USAO. It is recommended that you bookmark or refer to the webpages when you're trying to access a specific online service that is not allowing you to log in or not letting you access a specific function within that service, to see if the outage is widespread.

Please only reach out for Information Technology's support after you've established the issue is not widespread. If you’re certain that the issue is localized to only your computer, smartphone, and/or account, send an email to to create a tech-support ticket.

Service Status WebPages




Adobe Creative Cloud:

Microsoft Office365:

Jenzabar (EX/J1, InfoMaker/SSMS, MyUSAO, PowerFAIDS):