Leadership Opportunities

USAO offers leadership development opportunities for emerging and existing student leaders to prepare for leadership roles on campus, the community and around the world. Students will engage in a combination of theoretical and practical experiences to gain a fuller understanding of leadership topics and are given an opportunity to earn a Leadership Certificate.

GOLD Academy

The GOLD Academy is a 3-tiered program at USAO that enhances students’ leadership skills with various workshops, projects, and networking opportunities. In addition to being a great resume-builder, graduates from the Academy walk out with a plethora of leadership experiences that will help them excel through life after college.

Applications are due September 30, 2021

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USAO Student Leadership Conference

The Student Leadership Conference will provide students an opportunity to develop and enhance their leadership skills, learn about various leadership topics and network with other leaders on campus.


Drover Difference Day

Drover Difference Day will allow students to volunteer throughout the Chickasha Community. Students will reflect on their service experience and provide feedback about what they learned all while helping out the community! Drover Difference Day is held during the spring trimester.


Minerva Awards

The Minerva Awards provide public recognition for outstanding students at USAO, honoring excellence in academics, community service, campus involvement and other areas. They are awarded to individuals who go above and beyond the ordinary expectations of USAO students. The ceremony is held each year in April.


Drover Awards

The Drover Awards recognizes and celebrates the outstanding contributions USAO students make through leadership, academic and organizational achievements.


President's Leadership Scholarship

Incoming students who wish to become future campus leaders can apply for the President's Leadership Scholarship. Approximately 10 scholarships are awarded each year. The scholarship is renewable for a total of four consecutive academic years and is based on participation in the areas of leadership, campus involvement, academics and attendance. Applications are due each year in February. For more information and how to apply contact the Financial Aid office at (405)-574-1251.

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