New Organization Registration and Recognition

Are you interested in creating a new organization at USAO? Read through the registration and recognition information linked below. The registration process has been developed to give the university community an accurate listing of active student groups on campus. 

Registered vs. Recognized Student Organizations

Registered student organizations are any organizations that meet on campus and use campus facilities. They may consist of many different types of groups and may not fall under the traditional definition of a student organization (for example, faculty-led organizations, departmental organizations, off-campus religious groups, etc.). Registered student organizations do not need to have a formal Constitution.

Recognized student organizations are student-led groups that are managed by the office of Student Services. Recognized student-groups have the traditional setup of officers, general members, and regular meetings with a common purpose and goal. Recognized student organizations must have an organizational Constitution on file in Student Services.

Who should apply for recognized status? All student-led on-campus organizations must be both registered and recognized by registering online with a copy of their Constitution.


Expectations of Student Organizations

The following items outline expectations of student organizations recognized with the Office of Student Services:

  • Develop a clear definition of its goals and ideals and educate its members about the group’s identity.
  • When appropriate, recruit members from all colleges and disciplines to create an interdisciplinary learning environment.
  • Encourage personal development through leadership positions and self-awareness programs.
  • Promote USAO through active participation in campus events and positive relationships with other organizations and the community.
  • Conduct itself in such a way that is consistent with USAO’s Mission.
  • Accept responsibility and accountability for its members and guests at all on-campus and off-campus functions and events.

An Organizational Constitution is…

A constitution is the basic framework of an organization. It states the purpose, indicates the number of officers, the method of their selection, requirements for membership, and other general operating procedures. Detailed methods of doing business and specific rules belong in a document called the By-Laws. For example, a Constitution would establish that dues are required for membership, and a method of determining the amount of dues. By-Laws state the dues structure.

The name of the organization should reflect the nature of the group.

This section states the purpose, aims, and functions of the organization.

This section states the requirements and size limitations of the membership and any dues.

This section lists the officer positions and the duration of terms. There are provisions made for vacancies, elections, appointments, or recall of officers.  Names never appear in the constitution. 
This article states the provisions for setting up a regular meeting time and any provisions for calling special meetings. The officer position, which has the authority to call meetings, is stated here.
Every USAO student organization is encouraged to have a non-discrimination statement in their constitution.
Other sections may include:  Quorum, Amendments and/or Ratification.