Funding Request Process and Form


Step One: Funding must be requested by an officially recognized USAO club or organization in good standing. Please check with Student Services if you are unsure about your club’s status. We do not consider requests from individuals or groups without a club or organization affiliation. Also, please ensure that all events are OPEN to all students to participate in or be a part of. We cannot fund a pizza party for your club’s members, but we can fund something the entire campus is welcome to attend. Finally, please note that as part of the SGA legislative process, you may be subject to a variety of spending restrictions – and the amount granted may vary. All final passed legislation is posted on our website and you must read it carefully. 

Step Two: Fill out the online form below by Tuesday at 5 p.m. on the week you want your matter brought up to the Student Senate.

Step Three: Student Senate will discuss all submitted forms at our regular meetings each Wednesday at 5 p.m.. They are presented by the Committee on Ways and Means with a recommendation for funding. You are welcome to attend and discuss your proposal.

Step Four: You must have a Senator sponsor a bill to fund your request. They may work directly with you or independently to help move your idea forward. Ideally, your request will find a sponsor to write a bill at the meeting at which it is first discussed. If there is no sponsor, a request cannot move forward.

Step Five: Once a Senator has sponsored your request and authored legislation, it can be submitted to the Senate the following Wednesday (one full week after your initial request was presented). Regular bills are discussed over a two week period; immediate action bills can be approved at one meeting.

Step Six: You are responsible for implementing the spending we authorize. Once legislation is passed to fund your event or activity, you must contact the Director of Student Development to obtain appropriate account numbers. You must receive authorization before spending funds and provide appropriate documentation after.

This is a three week process under normal circumstances. Please be prepared to submit this form a MINIMUM of THREE WEEKS before your scheduled event.