THE BYLAWS OF THE University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma

Student Government Association

Adopted Fall 2016


This act shall be known and may be cited as the Bylaws of the University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma Student Government Association, hereafter referred to as the Student Government Association.

SECTION II. Purpose of the SGA Constitution and Bylaws

These documents are intended to be living documents, wherein their generality provides for the growth and development of the Student Government Association over time. These documents should not be seen as a rigid set of rules, as rigidness constricts evolution. They should, therefore, be used as a tool to guide the Student Government Association.


All elected and appointed officers and Senators of the Student Government Association shall, before assuming office, repeat the following oath, to be administered by a Supreme Court Justice or the Student Government Association President (or his/her designee):

“I, (____________), do solemnly affirm to uphold the ideals of the University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma, the Constitution of the Student Government Association, to promote fairness, community, and equality amongst students, and to fulfill the duties of my office to the best of my abilities.

SECTION IV. The President

  1. The President shall represent the student body and the Student Government Association at all appropriate functions, including, but not limited to, meetings of the Board of Regents of the University.
  2. The President shall make all appointments to vacant positions, executive, judicial, or legislative, in a timely manner consistent with the Constitutional guidelines and these bylaws with consent of the executive board.
  3. The President, upon signing legislation as indicated by the Constitution, be responsible for submitting such legislation to anyone listed in the legislation and, in particular, to University administrators (including, but not limited to, the President of the University). This responsibility shall also apply to any legislation which the Senate passes over the objection and veto of the President.

SECTION V. The Vice President

  1. The Vice President will shall call special meetings of the Senate with the approval of a simple majority of the Executive Council.
  2. The Vice President shall forward all legislation and the agenda to the Secretary 48 hours prior to the next meeting.

SECTION VI. The Secretary

  1. The Secretary shall be responsible for publication on the official University sanctioned Student Government Association website of accurate and up-to-date minutes, legislation (whether passed or failed, and note of which), voting records (how each member votes one each matter of significant concern, in case of roll call), and other documents for both Senate and Executive Council.
  2. The Secretary shall be responsible for publication of accurate and up-to-date digital versions of all governing documents of Student Government Association, including, but not limited to, these bylaws and the Constitution.
  3. The Secretary shall be responsible for maintenance of accurate, complete, and up-to-date membership rolls for Executive, Legislative bodies, and committee representatives, with roll taken in a formal and august manner during all sessions.
  4. The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining an accurate, complete, and up-to-date list (posted online, as noted above) of specific constituencies, as outlined by the Constitution, represented by individual Senators (including at-large positions, SAB Representatives, etc.).

SECTION VII. The Treasurer

  1. The Treasurer shall follow all constitutional requirements and post an accurate budget on the official Student Government Association website.
  2. The Treasurer shall submit purchase order requests within 48 hours (with reasonable exception), and follow through to affirm they are approved.
  3. The Treasurer shall collect and maintain all receipts of purchase.

SECTION VIII. The Parliamentarian

  1. The Parliamentarian, appointed by the President with advice and consent of the Senate, shall maintain proper decorum, procedure, and order in the body by assisting the Vice-President in his/her duties as chair of the body.
  2. The Parliamentarian shall be selected from among the voting of the student body.
  3. The Parliamentarian shall attend and provide similar function at all meetings of Executive Council or other bodies of the Student Government Association as deemed necessary.
  4. The Parliamentarian shall assist in the drafting and interpretation of the bylaws.
  5. The Parliamentarian shall give final word on the interpretation of rules of order if there is any confusion.
  6. The Parliamentarian shall assist the President and Vice President on how to rule on a question or proceed with a motion if there is any confusion.

SECTION IX. The Executive Council

  1. The President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer shall each hold one (1) office hour per week.
  2. The Executive Council shall ensure that any transactions of the Student Government Association funds shall be reported immediately to the organization’s Treasurer.
  3. The Executive Council shall bring any expenditures of funds appropriated for Executive use totaling greater than a sum of five-hundred dollars ($500) to full Senate advice and consent.
  4. Any expenditures ordered by the Executive Council may be questioned by a member of the Senate or Executive Council and brought before the full Senate for consideration and review.

SECTION X. The Supreme Court

  1. The Parliamentarian will serve as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
  2. Supreme Court Justices shall be appointed by the Parliamentarian, with advice and consent of the full Senate.
  3. The Supreme Court shall decide, by the majority opinion, cases of impeachment, Senators, or members of the Supreme Court itself, as according to the Constitution of the Student Government Association.
  4. The Supreme Court shall consist of five (5) members: Chief Justice, two (2) voting Senators, and two (2) non-voting Senators.

SECTION XI. The Senate

  1. A Senator shall notify the Secretary if they have changed classification or major.
  2. The Senate shall operate according to Robert’s Rules of Order whenever appropriate and reasonable.
  3. Senators shall maintain proper formality and decorum in the body and shall not address each other by name – they should, instead, address only the chair or refer to each other via the chair.
  4. All Senators will be required to help with at least one (1) Student Government Association event per academic year.
  5. All Senators are required to author at least one piece of legislation per academic year.

SECTION XII. Transition Period for Executive Council

  1. Beginning the Monday after notification, the newly elected President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer must keep dual office hours with the outgoing Executive Council.
  2. The outgoing Executive Council will prepare the new Executive Council for their respective positions.

SECTION XIII. Legislation

  1. All legislation shall be defined as either of the following:
  2. A bill is a proposed change in law or involves the transferal, spending, or otherwise use of appropriated funds.
  3. A resolution is a proposed policy change, temporary action, or recommendation by the Senate.
  4. All legislation submitted to the Executive Board by a non-voting member must be sponsored by a voting delegate.
  5. No piece of legislation can exceed three (3) authors.
  6. All legislation must be submitted to the Vice-President by 12 p.m. on the Friday the week before the meeting that you wish it to be presented.
  7. All legislation shall be posted on the Student Government Association website twelve (12) hours prior to the Senate meeting in which it will be presented.
  8. If a number has not been correctly assigned by the Author, the Vice-President shall, upon receipt, assign a reference number for legislation.
  9. Any legislation may be effective immediately if the Author has submitted it properly, can explain the urgency of said legislation, and receive a majority vote of the Senate.
  10. All bills will have a five-hundred dollar ($500) funding cap, with reasonable exception.


  1. Absences will be counted by the Secretary when a Senator, member of Executive Council, or Supreme Court Justice misses an opening or closing roll call.
  2. The accumulation of two (2) unexcused Senate absences, per semester, shall result in verbal or written notification from the Secretary.
  3. The accumulation of four (4) unexcused Senate absences by a Senator, member of Executive Council, or Supreme Court Justice shall result in consideration of the dismissal of the individual by the Supreme Court. Their decision will be binding only on the current term of office the individual inhabits. The Supreme Court shall provide adequate time for preparation and presentation of a reasonable defense.
  4. Excused absences shall be granted at the discretion of the Secretary or Vice-President.

SECTION XV. Probation

  1. Any Senate member put on probation after being inducted will not be allowed to participate in Student Government Association-related activities (voting, authoring, etc.), but will still be required to attend weekly meetings.
  2. If on probation for more than one (1) semester, member will be considered for dismissal of the individual by the Supreme Court.

SECTION XVI. Student Organizations

  1. A Representative from each recognized organization on campus must attend at least one Student Government Association Senate session per month in order for Senate to consider any proposed legislation in relation to a particular organization.
  2. In order for a Representative to be counted, he/she must be present for both beginning and ending roll calls.
  3. Special accommodations can be made for the organizations who cannot meet the above requirements as long as a Representative contacts the Secretary prior to Senate session.


  1. The Student Government Association Senate shall endeavor to pass an annual budget in the first three (3) weeks of the Fall semester, appropriating funds for the Executive Council’s use and funds for specific projects or purposes, etc.
  2. Modifications to this budget shall be subjected to the approval of the Senate.
  3. The budget shall be maintained, updated, and posted on the Student Government Association website.

SECTION XVIII. Order of Succession

  1. Executive Office Permeant Replacement
  2. President
  3. Vice President
  4. Secretary
  5. Treasurer
  6. Parliamentarian
  7. Executive Office Temporary Meeting Replacement
  8. Vice-President
  9. Parliamentarian
  10. Secretary
  11. Treasurer
  12. President

SECTION XIX. Accordance

  1. Student Government Association will operate in accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, Oklahoma Open Meetings Act, and Robert’s Rules of Order.

SECTION XX. Funding (To be added)

SECTION XXI. Repeal of Previous Bylaws

  1. All previous bylaws are hereby repealed.