Among the original seven liberal arts, USAO’s vibrant music program prepares graduates for the rigors of a career as a professional performer, music teacher, or for graduate study in music. Through in-depth coursework in theory and technique, as well as rigorous performance requirements, the program develops students into competent, creative, and curious musicians.

The USAO music program enhances the arts scene in the area, enriching the lives of both our students and local residents through concerts as well as collaborative theater and art shows.

USAO offers a Bachelor of Arts in Music with concentrations in music education, performance, and music business. Regardless of emphasis, music majors must select voice or an instrument for primary specialization and complete a rigorous core of musicianship coursework.

Why Major in Music at USAO?

Career Possibilities

Music with Business Emphasis Degree Checksheet

Music with Performance Emphasis Degree Checksheet