All students intending to major or minor in music are required to audition on their primary specialization for the music faculty prior to acceptance into the music degree program. The primary specialization may be chosen from the areas of brass, composition, guitar, percussion, piano, voice or woodwinds (i.e. a primary specialization in trumpet from the area of brass). Students intending to pursue the emphasis in music education may only select a specialization from the areas of brass, percussion, piano, voice or woodwinds.

Any incoming student wishing to be considered for a music scholarship must complete an audition prior to April 1. For a list of available scholarships visit the USAO Financial Aid page.

The official audition dates for 2019-2020 are January 25, 2020, February 28, 2020 and March 7, 2020.

To schedule an audition contact Dr. Kate Sekula at or 405-574-1288.

The audition includes the following components:

  1. Completion of a scholarship application form
  2. An interview with music faculty
  3. Performance audition

Components of the performance audition are as follows:


  1. One art song, preferably in a language other than English
  2. An additional art song or musical theater song in any language
  3. Sight singing and/or rhythm reading
  4. Vocalizing


  1. Two musical selections in contrasting styles or from two different musical periods
  2. Sight reading and/or rhythm reading


  1. Students wishing to specialize in composition must present a portfolio of their work in lieu of a performance audition. The portfolio should include scores for several compositions as well as audio examples. The portfolio may be digital.