The NSSE Survey

What is this NSSE?!

NSSE stands for National Survey of Student Engagement. It is a tool that USAO uses to decide where weaknesses in its program are and helps determine what actions to take in fixing them. We do this by asking questions that students across the country answer about their universities and then compare them against ourselves.

This is the student's chance to tell us what you think and how to make your university better for future classes. The survey can be taken by freshmen and seniors. When offered, there will be prizes, giveaways, and compensation for time taking the survey.

Taking the Survey

To Take the survey go to this website. If you do not know your login use your USAO email and they will send information to that address to let you take the survey.

More Information

A once yearly student engagement survey we now offer every other year to entering Freshmen and out going Seniors.

NSSE 2008

NSSE 2009

NSSE 2010

NSSE 2011 (Pending)

NSSE 2012

For detailed information on what the survey covers and how we use the data see this post on Drover Data.


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