Placement Tests

Course Readiness Placement Tests

Students scoring below a 19 on the math, science, or English subtests on the ACT are required to take a placement test in that subject to determine if remedial coursework is needed. Students are referred for placement testing by the USAO Registrar or Admissions Office prior to enrollment.

A photo ID is required for all placement testing. Calculators, pencils, and scratch paper are provided for math tests, but you may also bring your own. Calculators must meet the same guidelines as those used to take the ACT test.

USAO students are allowed to take each course placement test once per day for free. Non-USAO students must pay $15.00 per session day.

Placement tests are administered by computer and have no time limit. Study guides are available in the Assessment Office free of charge. Online study guides are available from these websites:


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